About Me

Sometimes we are introduced or see something at a young age and it sticks with us. I have been around massage therapy most of my life. My mother has a chronic condition, and has lived with pain her entire life. As a child, I would go with her to her doctors, physical therapy, and massage therapy appointments. We have tried many approaches through the years to help her with chronic pain, maintaining flexibility and improving muscle health but have found massage therapy to be one of the most beneficial for her. 

I have always been interested in helping people with chronic conditions, however, my career path has varied over the years. When a life changing event came along, I decided it was time to pursue a profession that would allow me to actively assist people with their healthcare needs.

I feel that my success as a massage therapist is not determined by how many clients I have. It will be determined by helping my clients reach the goals we have set together to improve their health and well being. Check out my testimonials to see what a few of my clients think.

I am Certified in Integrative Reflexology and have taken classes for People Living with Cancer. I hope to complete my Oncology Massage classes in 2016 or early 2017.

I am based at Touch of Tranquility in High Point, NC. If you'd like to check out Touch of Tranquility's website click hereAll promotions on the site of Touch of Tranquility are expired. Please check out my promotions on the services & rates page

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My North Carolina LMBT# is 14416, Oregon LMT# 22230